XL Axiata doing business as XL (formerly PT Excelcomindo Pratama Tbk), is an Indonesia-based mobile telecommunications services operator. XL Axiata's coverage includes Java, Bali and Lombok as well as the principal cities in and around Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi. XL Axiata offers data communication, broadband Internet, mobile communication and 3G services over GSM 900, GSM 1800 networks.
Initially XL provided cellular mobile telephony services using the GSM 900 technology. A few years after launching services, the company was awarded a license for implementing a DCS 1800 network, and to operate an ISP and VoIP service. In 2006, XL obtained a 3G license, which services launched in September of the same year. At the end of 2010, the company has more than 40 million subscribers with more than 22,000 BTS towers across Indonesia

Be our world class talents and experiencing XL Axiata’s fun and exiciting environment

Supervisor - Account Receivable

  • Monitor all daily direct debit process and monthly recurring direct debit (data payment output handler (POH) and payment input ha
  • Control and monitor day to day payment data entry process to ensure all customer#s payment accurately and timely updated in the sy
  • Monitor and review payment refund/charge back request to ensure all customer complaints related with those requests are processed
  • Review all postpaid process including daily and monthly reconcile in order to ensure all transaction are posting accordingly in t
  • Responsible to Solved problem & Coordinate with other units within the company and bank partners on resolving customer#s complaint
  • Communicate and implement company policies and Methods & Procedures to the team and ensuring that they are adhered to.
  • Prepare daily, monthly reports as scheduled to support data provided to management.
  • Prepare and provide requirement related with post paid activities to other unit to support business process and daily operational.
  • Verifying & Process commission payment to dealers, outlets, canvassers, mitra xplor, etc based on schedule.
  • S1 University graduate, majoring in Finance/Accounting.
  • 2 years experience in Supervisor finance & accounting.
  • Hard Working
  • Good analytical thinking
  • Good Communication skill ( meeting & interaction with bank and partner)
  • Attention to detail.
Application Deadline: 25 December 2013
Number of Vacancies: 1

Manager - Contract Formation

  • Prepare and develop all legal documents for the procurement activities of the company to protect the company business operation l
  • Provide and evaluate contract expert facilities to evey contract dispute in order to resolve the dispute
  • Provide legal opinion upon requests of contract stakeholder or direct superior to assist in the settlement of legal issue
  • Conduct first review to each of contract draft before routing process to ensure that the works load sharing are balance among the
  • Accompany the team meber to do conracts negotiation with major vendors and upon request of the team for other vendors to obtain f
  • Process contracts initialization of a final drafts before signing for final checking to ensure the contract comply with the regula
  • Establish an issuance of contracts reporting and conduct document management system to support company goal.
  • Min. S1 (law) from reputable university
  • Min. 5 years experience in law firm or working as legal procurement is most preferable
  • Have strong leadership skill with good understanding on supply chain management knowledge
  • Advance english skill and has strong communication skill
  • Advance knowledge of contract law
  • Advance contract negotiation skill
  • Must have good legal backgorund with strong drafting skills
  • Leadership skill
  • Proactive communication to the respective stake holder
  • Attention to detail
  • Analytical thinking
Application Deadline: 25 December 2013
Number of Vacancies: 1

Account Executive

  • To manage relationships with vendors by directing and coordinating activities of all related units in developing contracts, monitoring contract implementation, and settling the reward and punishment for vendor to ensure an optimum gain from XL relationships with vendors
  • S1, Work experience in Telco –Network or IT/VAS or Roll Out
  • Knowledge on Telco/IT/VAS/Roll Out à specific to account assigned
  • Knowledge of Vendor Management, Project Management, Account Management, Knowledge of contract content, Cost and benefit analysis.
  • Negotiation skill,
  • Persuasive communication,
  • Interpersonal skill, Data gathering and analysis,
  • Creative problem solving, Proactive and
  • initiative, Customer oriented
Application Deadline: 06 December 2013
Number of Vacancies: 1

Specialist - Power Engineering

  • Identify & Analyze case and provide draft solution/recommendation as engineering compliance*
  • Request information (technical specification, price, installation procedures etc) from vendors regarding the proposed/required*
  • Gather updated information from the Engineering, SPM, Project Management, GVM and MSP regarding the ongoing progress and roadblocks
  • Lead and coordination of project power system with other department and vendor include progress outstanding issues, problem solving
  • Able to determine identify and analysis with analysis tools to provide the hypothesis and root cause.
  • Understand of power system knowledge (architecture, infrastructures and standardizations).
Application Deadline: 06 December 2013
Number of Vacancies: 1

Legal Counsel

  • To provide legal support in the form of advice/opinion, contract drafting, counseling, and transaction scheme (legal aspect) for XL business and/or corporate activity
  • To ensure that the business owner have a proper legal agreement that protect XL and understand the legal issues and/or risk of its business activity, the main
  • objective of the job is to mitigate XL risk and protect XL’s interest in doing business and/orcorporate activity
  • Law Degree from reputable university.;Minimum
  • five years experience in a law firm and/or in aprominent company.
  • Telco background is preferable.
  • Excellent Contract Drafting Capability
  • Analytical skill;
  • Negotiation skill
Application Deadline: 06 December 2013
Number of Vacancies: 1

Successful candidates will work in a result oriented and dynamic environment. English proficiency and computer literacy are required for this position.

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MORE : LOWONGAN KERJA LAINNYA..................................................................

Furniture manufacturer & Exporter, founded in 1989.
Presently the factory has about 10 ha of floor space and utilizes Germany and Italian machinery specially selected to produce the highest quality of furniture.
Since 2002, We have implemented SAP R/3 Software ( System Application and Production For Bussines Process ) to support ERP ( Enterprise Resources Planning ) system within the company.
PT. Domusindo Perdana operates a Quality Management System which complies with the Requirements of ISO 9001 : 2008 since March 24, 2006.
Ast.Mgr Produksi
Job Description
  • Range gaji bersifat relatif (under/over)
  • tergantung negosiasi
  • Untuk luar kota disediakan fasilitas tempat tinggal (mess)
  • Pengetahuan teknis yang kuat tentang proses
  • woodworking dan atau sistem aplikasi finishing
  • Pengalaman minimal 7 thn dibidang industri
  • perkayuan/mebel
  • Kemampuan managerial dan leadership
  • Kemampuan aplikasi komputer (MS Office) dan Bahasa Inggris
  • Closing date : 31 Januari 2014
  • Alamat : Jalan Wicaksana, Desa Gunung Gangsir, Kec.Beji, Kab.Pasuruan (Dekat Tol Gempol)

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