Indonesian article - Often in life we feel the mood is up and down , sometimes in a state of mind which is encouraging , but other times they turn out to be a disappointment . What makes us happy today , it then makes us feel sad . In this article a little reflection will write how we can learn to love anything that is on around us , our lives , our existence and everything , whatever it is !Inspiring article - How to Love Your Work
If you do not love your job , love the people - people who work there . Feel the joy of friendship . And , the work was so encouraging. If you can not love co - co-workers , then love the atmosphere and your office building . This passionate driving you to go to work and perform tasks - tasks better again . Anyway if you can not do it , loved every experience of commuting to and from your workplace . A nice ride looks fun making purposes . However , if you do not find pleasure in it , so anything that can love you love about your job :

decorate the table
your computer
Your stationery
Buy your friends
Lizard on the wall , or
Clouds through the window .
If you can not find that you love your job , then why are you there? There's no reason for you to stay afloat . Quickly go and look for what you love , work and life in accordance with your passion , then Work there . Life was short lived. Nothing is more beautiful than done in a way a sincere love of neighbor , sharing smiles and laughter , not to bring suffering to fellow creatures .
Trust me , whatever you do , if done with happiness , then something else will be happy you produced . Do not first think how your future income , but you yourself Live the first on your job ! Then the job will give you a happy future results .

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