"How to Make a Speech in English - "

Writing a speech can be a scourge for many people. May be concerned about the quality of your writing skills, not nervous with your inexperience in public speaking or maybe you do not know what to write. For that, on this occasion, the author will demonstrate how to write an English speech.
But before writing a speech in English, you should have a plan for the speech. Speech plan consists of:

Determination on what occasion or event you would deliver the speech. For example: Independence Day, Mother's Day, a day of education, separation of students, and so forth.
Determination of potential theme or match the event. For example on kepahlawannan, mother, drugs, separation, and so forth.
Identify who the audience (listeners / viewers) your speech. This is important because a speech should be adjusted to the listener / viewer.
After planning the speech, you can directly make English speech course, by using the following steps.
1. Making a speech frame
A good command of English speech must have a clear framework of speech. By including the opening, closing on speech content and your English, you directly have made the foundation of a good command of English speech. Below is the skeleton of an English speech.

(Opening) Opening
The first 30 seconds of speech english may be very important. At this period of time you have to grab the attention of visitors, and encourage their interest in what you would say to your English speech. This can be accomplished in several ways. For example, you can raise a provocative question, interesting or controversial to make a statement, tell a relevant quote or even tell a funny story. When you have won the attention of visitors, speech you should move to any part of the contents of your English speech.

Content (Body)
The content of the speech of your English will always be the biggest part of your English speech. In this section, visitors will be introduced by your problems or issues in the lift (as shown in the opening) and expected to be ready to listen to your opinions, thoughts about issues or problems that the lift in your English speech.

The best way to make up the content of a speech is to prepare English language points to the problems presented. These points can be a point of recognition problems, point opinion about the issue, or else point about solving these problems.

These points should be carefully placed so that the point is one point that others can connect to each other, although different paragraphs. It will also give the impression of a more logical changes from your English speech, and makes it easier to listen to job visitors.

Do not try to give your visitors the points that a lot of problems. Make better points fewer problems than making the point that a lot of problems but no visitors are understood or satisfied with your English speech.

Closing (Closing)
Seperithalnya opening, closing of your English speech should contain some strong material. Emotion you see the cover of your English speech as an opportunity. An opportunity to:

a. The conclusion of the issues / problems that exist in your English speech.

b. Give some thoughts / views to your visitors.

c. Leave a positive memory of English speech that you convey to visitors.

d. Conclude by thanking, apologies if there is an error word, and end with the greeting.

2. Making English Speech Outline
Creating an outline is a technique popular pre-draft writing and typewriting is one that is usually recommended for speech writers.
An outline is a hierarchical representation of the content of your speech. Just imagine like skeleton bones outline that will add the meat of your speech.
Below the authors include examples of making a speech in English. Take us will make a speech about the English Education. First make prior speech frame like this.

After making a speech frame as above, we add a few points to be the outline of a speech like this:

a. Regards

b. Greeting

c. Gratitude

d. Introduction

a. The condition of our national education

b. Our national education rankings.

c. The government's efforts to improve our education stadar.

d. Effort we have to do as a student.

a. Conclusion

b. Terimkasih greeting and apology

c. Regards

3. Making Draft (Outline) Speech
Now it's time to add meat to your outline and first draft of your speech. Before we begin, note that the draft is just a draft. Draft that you make now is not the end of the final draft you put in your speech.
Outline that we created in step two will be presented as a basis for the drafting of this section. We take every element of the outline above and use our creative thinking to develop elements of the outline.
There is no right or wrong in terms of the development of a draft outline. Be yourself, use your own voice, and remember, you can change everything you wrote later. The important thing now is to build your first draft.
Let us take some examples from the outline above.



"Asslamualaikum wr. Wb."


"The honorable ones the principle of SMA Negeri 01 cape, all teachers and administration staff of SMA Negeri 01 cape and all my friends from grade X till Xii."


"Before I begin to give a speech, I would like to invite you to thank to Allah the Almighty, Who has given us Mercy and Blessing, so we can meet together in this blessing place. And also I do not forget to deliver Sholawat and greetings to our prophet Muhammad SAW, Who has brought us from the darkness to the brightness, so we are always in the right way. "


"It be a great honor for me, to stand right here in front of you all to give a speech about education under the title" What happen with our education? "In this National Education Day or National Education Day."
4. Getting Feedback (Input) For Your Speech
After successfully making a draft of an English speech as we created above. The next step is we need to get feedback (feedback) of those around us who are considered qualified to make English writing course.
This section is an invaluable step that will enrich your speech appropriately and save you from a lot of controversy. This step is better done to study the problems that exist in your speech rather than directly presented in public.
Ideally you should look for feedback (feedback) from 2-3 people, which is certainly true of people who know how to write English properly.Examples of feedback (input) you should look for include:

Content that is not right
Omission errors
Problems grammar (grammar)
Correct use of language styles, such as humor, etc..

5. Final Step
As a final step (final) making a speech in the English language, you can directly write drafts that you created earlier. Certainly written like writing a speech in general. And remember writing the drafts earlier after you made improvements after receiving feedback (feedback) from your friends.

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