The Ipod Nano - Benefits of The Apple iPod Nano

The Ipod Nano - Benefits of The Apple iPod Nano

The Apple iPod nano is the most popular portable mp3 player today. Last year, sales of the nano were through the roof. So the question becomes, "Why should I upgrade? What's in it for me?" In this article, I'll try to state the case of why everyone should be looking to upgrade to the new iPod nano from Apple. Before diving into the benefits, let's think about a scenario that probably a lot of us are in.
You have to go away on a trip, whether business or pleasure, and the plane voyage is four hours long. So naturally, you want to bring things along to help pass the time. So let's see, we want to bring our MP3 player to listen to music and a DVD player to watch a movie or our favorite TV show. Oh, and we can't forget all the different DVD discs we need. Isn't it fun to carry all those devices with you when traveling? Don't you love the extra weight of that DVD player in your carry on baggage? Or the frustration trying to find that one movie you wanted to watch, but can't track down the disc? This scenario can be squashed with the new iPod nano.
With the new nano from Apple, versatility is at your finger tips. Music is the claim to fame, but now the iPod nano has video. So bring along a DVD player, plus all the discs, is a thing of the past. You won't have to get frustrated having to carry around multiple gadgets.
Another benefit of the nano is it's efficiency. Instead of having many devices for your media, you can put it all on this one, small and sleek device. You can store your music, your photos, and your videos. It makes it the most efficient MP3 player in its class. This means you won't have to worry about finding all your different gadgets, it will all be on one.
The last benefit I'd like to highlight is the ease of use. The new Apple iPod nano has been redesigned so that you will spend more time enjoying your media rather than wasting time trying to figure out how to use it. Cleanly designed and intuitive screens make browsing your media a breeze.
So there you have it, three great benefits of the iPod nano. I highly recommend taking a look at the new nano because I think you will be amazed with what the new design and features have to offer.
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