Sports Careers for Audio Engineering School Grads

Sports Careers for Audio Engineering School Grads

How would you like to mix live hockey broadcasts? Or be the one to affix the microphone to your favourite sports hero for their next radio or TV interview? Then you may want to consider pursuing sound engineering school to become an audio technician for the sports world.
Graduates of audio engineering school who want to specialize in sporting events have a lot of options to choose from.
Specialize in outside broadcasting (work the trucks!)
One of the most lucrative options for audio school grads interested in working on sporting events is outside broadcasting. Outside broadcasting is the use of mobile studios to produce radio and TV broadcasts. These mobile studios are called "production trucks."
There is a space in a production truck for graduates of sound engineering school to operate a mixer. In the case of a soccer or hockey game, the technician may be fielding audio feeds from such diverse sources as:
- commentators
- players
- reporters
- share information with colleagues
- follow the director's instructions
- make sure that the audio matches any video
There is also a space in the truck where technicians can use their expertise gleaned in audio engineering school to ensure a high quality sound transmission.
Some audio school grads are drawn to production trucks work, not simply because of the money, but for the rush of mixing for a live event. And if the technicians are fans of the sports that they are producing, that doesn't hurt either!
Specialize in live HD or 3D events
Some students in audio engineering school programs have their hearts set on a very specific kind of production trucks: HD or 3D production trucks.
HD trucks, in particular, have been a very exciting option in recent years for new graduates of sound engineering school, because of the need to get the audio quality up to par quickly with the video technology. In the early days of HD broadcasting, some observers lamented the quality of the audio, prompting industrious audio school alumni to find ways to make the most of the new technology.
Some sports fans have even blogged about the difference in sound quality in HD broadcasts from different networks. This is one area where technicians know that they will be being judged on their skills acquired in audio engineering school.
One challenge HD poses to audio school-trained technicians? How to moderate the difference in sound between commercials and games during broadcasts.
Now that there are 3D HD screens, 3D production trucks are another exciting new arena for students in audio school interested in a career mixing sound for sports events. The 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa was the first World Cup soccer event to be broadcast in 3D HD.
Students who want to work in sports should start thinking about how they want their career to look while they are still in audio engineering school. Get your game on!

Do You Need a Degree - Is This Holding You Back From Finding a Job?

The U.S. economy is in a mess, as are the economies of many overseas countries. Most economic indicators show little or no growth. Some show "negative" growth. Some experts even say that this is the worst downturn since the Great Depression.
Despite reports from the White House, job growth has remained virtually stagnant for over three years. Of course we all hope for the best; but many people in the workforce and many hoping to get back into the workforce are considering taking action to correct their own personal situations.
Once upon a time, a high school diploma served as a sort of guarantee that individuals could be assured of finding a good job... and keeping it. But today's world is facing an educational crisis. The basic diploma or GED makes it even tough to find the most menial jobs.
So the question facing many workers is this, "Would more education help me find a better job?"
Perhaps what you need is a degree, diploma, certificate or accreditation!
In all seriousness, there are times and situations when that certain piece of paper can make all the difference.
With the job market this tight, that piece of paper will often narrow down a business' or industry's choices when scarce jobs do open up.
An Eye-Opening Experience
A family member of mine recently discovered just how tight the job market is and just how competitive it is. This chap has a BS degree from a top university yet had only been able to find the most menial job. He answered an ad from a leading research institution for a job working in a telephone call center. Interviews were conducted at a local hotel and the line of applicants extended through the hotel lobby and around the outside of the building across the parking lot. He spoke to a number of people waiting in line, and he met folks with four-year and masters degrees who were desperate for a shot at a part-time, $10.00 per hour job. He was successful-but hundreds were not.
Don't Miss Out on the Critical Ingredient
Author, teacher Dr. Marc Dussault says, "There is nothing worse than missing a critical element to practice the career you've always dreamed of, but even if you are in your chosen profession or industry, you can find yourself stuck or held back from the career fast track just because you don't have the diploma or certificate that's needed."
Does a Higher Degree Guarantee a Better Job?
The fact is that having your MBA practically guaranteed success, but there are a multitude of options that the serious career person needs to evaluate and assess.
In order for you to find the missing piece of the employment puzzle that will permit you to find the ultimate job or position you aspire to, it will take some effort on your part. Even those holding a degree are taking the plunge into totally different career fields. The common philosophy is, "It's worth a shot."
What's Holding You Back?
What seems to be holding many job-seekers back is the thought of having to "crack the books" again. But this fear can easily be overcome if one is prepared to jump back into the realm of study and learning.
Gaining a college degree or moving toward higher, advanced degrees has been made more attainable and more affordable as a result of the digital revolution. Hundreds of colleges and universities-even the big-name schools-now offer online learning opportunities... at very affordable rates. Your choices are limitless.
Now is the Time for Optimism
I'm an optimist and I hope you are too. It could take several years for us to witness the beginning of a real turn-around in today's slumbering economy. Acting now can prepare you to get the jump on finding that dream-position that will put your own economy back on track.
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