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Okay blogger friend went on the previous post titled collection of examples of poetry now I'll continue posting it,,,,, so read the fine print okay .....
"Kumpulan artikel bahasa inggris terbaru dan terupdate"
silahkan baca artikel ini ya......semaoga bermanfaat



In the hot sun

Sitting a ........

By using a cane

For support ....

            He was helpless

            Alone in the middle .......

            Heat and rain passed

            Mouthful of rice .....

Beggars ....

I felt sorry ......

Mercy ......

To reach .....


Missing my morning has been floated

Days of my youth is gone

Now imagine the evening comes,

I was already high stem

            I am remiss in days

            Beta careless in youth,

            Now the poison of life care

            Poor science, poor property

Ah, what's to regret,

Sorry old useless,

Only adds to the soul wound

I expect the young to

            Set the line in the early days

            Headed toward the field service!


Who would not be feeling the flame

Seeing children sang melodious

A course in the middle of the desert

No shirt open head

            Thus the fate of the shepherd boy

            Nan wooden shelter under shady

            Since the morning to leave home

            Returning home at dusk

Far fewer sesayub to

My hearing the sound of fife

Nan singing comely natural scenic

            O shepherds in the sea of

            Listening to indulge buffalo puputmu

            I think thee Maulah


When I wake up early

My mother in the kitchen cooking rice,

When I left school,

My mother is still clean.

            When I came home from school

            My mother still works at home

            When I go to play

            My mom collects fabric laundry.

When I came home

My mother seemed to grow tired.

When I go to bed,

My mother set up a pillow and mattress.

            When did he break?

            Oh, God the giver of grace

            Give her a strong

            Give her a healthy

            Bestow her blessing.

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