Kumpulan Kamus kecil sastra bahasa inggris

"Kumpulan artikel bahasa inggris terbaru dan terupdate"
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The scene: a part of which is displayed in a round of play.
Agon: the scene in a drama or a movie
Literary experts: people who master the arts
Acting: the behavior of someone on the stage
Actor: a player who plays a male character
Actor character: an actor who can play well the role
Actor assistant: supporting actor
Paratean Actor: actor who frequent costume changes to appear on stage performances
Actress: female player who plays a character
Plot: a series of interwoven events that cause and effect
Anecdotes: satire stories about someone who is not yet clear
Anonymous: anonymous
Antagonist: the character has a character as opposed to the main character
Appreciation of literature: an activity to understand a literary work.
Artist: movie player, singer, playwright

Begrone: backdrop
Halftime: part of a story / event in the drama.
Ballad: a poem containing a touching story
Bibliography: a bibliography or list of books
Biographical essay that tells the history of the lives of others.

Cergam: the story presented in the form of images.
Fantastic stories: stories that are supernatural
Fiction: stories that are based on the author's power of imagination.
Nonfiction stories: stories that are based on the true story of the events or

Dubbing: replace the original voice
Declamation: read puisidengan mimic the motion and all abilities
Decorator: ali people in the field of decoration.
Description: writing a tell / describe the actual state
Fairy tales: stories that are the result of imagination or fantasy author
Drama: a clone of human life in the form of a dialogue

Editor: a person who has expertise editing manuscripts, books, magazines
Exposition: the form of explanation or exposition essay
Epic: essays that describe something objectively
Epilogue: the final word after the drama staged

Fable: the story with animal characters
Fantasy: fantasy, illustration, fantasy
Extras: supporting character / actor helper
Fiction: fantasy. Inconsistent with the fact

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