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 Communicative approach in language teaching

Communicative approach in language teaching is aksoma / assumptions about language and language teaching, which is the effort we (teachers and students) in the learning process especially to generate encouragement, motivation, and that raises the question of communication between teachers and students and among students. Parties and a more active role in teaching and learning is a student. Parties are more and more active role in teaching and learning is a student. The teachers only provide motivation, guidance, or inducement to all students in order to exert all their potential for learning in order to achieve maximum results. This does not mean teachers are not active, but they are equally active. The scope of the communicative approach to cover all subjects in the subjects of English reading, writing, listening, vocabulary, structure, and especially in teaching speaking.
In talking with the communicative approach to teaching the language skills is overlooked. However, the implementation of the teaching of English language teaching, especially in speech, language theory and knowledge can not be left out and is always inserted, because students can not speak properly skilled and properly without the theory and knowledge of the language. Teaching materials that are too dense that at times between the time provided by the material that must be completed still have problems and less relevant. Students who are dominant in teaching and learning in class. Teachers do not have much to say except to explain the concept. Therefore, it is overlooked is that the students practice using the language. Merely grammatical role model / explanatory direction. After obtaining grammar, students can apply a variety of sentence according to his ability. Necessitated the use of proper language and good use of language is also preferred. Teach language skills, but it seems easier in practice to the students proved more difficult. It easier to teach the knowledge of the language rather than teaching language skills. seems to apply language skills to students is more difficult for students diverse backgrounds.

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