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             It is commonly know that teaching and testing are two inseparable things,   teaching speaking is a process of presenting or introducing learning material for certain instruction objective. In other to know whether the instruction objective can be achieved by the student or not, we need to test them in other words, testing a process of measuring how far and how well the instruction have been mastered by the students.
Language test can be classified based on the domain of testing whether it is writing, reading, listening, and speaking. In this part of discussion I want to review oral production test that is test for speaking there are five component to be judged :
1.      Pronunciation
2.      Grammar
3.      Vocabulary
4.      Fluency
5.      Comprehention
Looking at the five component of oral production test we might be on the same saying that testing speaking is very complex. It is reasonable because we judge the entire of components at the same time.
Most test of oral production fall into of following categories :
1.      Relatively unstructured interview, rated on s carefully constructed scale.
2.      Highly structured speech sample ( generally recorded ), rated according to very specific evidence of speaking ability.
3.      Paper and pencil objective test of pronunciation, presumably providing indirect evidence of speaking ability.
                                                                                  ( David P. Harris,1969:83 ) 
            The most commonly test in measuring speaking nowadays use interview technique. The teacher should create to allow the testes relax in a friendship atmosphere. The testes could use their evaluation of his competence in the spoken language. It must be ( 1 ) a set qualities to related and ( 2 ) a series of possible ratings.
            The simplest and most frequently employed of measuring oral proficiency is to have one or more trained rates interviews each candidate separately and record their evaluation of his competence in the spoken language.

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