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                  The arrival of Prince Bernhard and the Dutch Ambassador Van Dongen to Bima in 1984 re-birth of Kai Bo Sangaji
At that time, Hajjah Siti Maryam Salahuddin, one of the last daughter of the Sultan of Bima Muhammad Salahuddin, prompted the government to prepare a sort of exhibition of heritage objects Bima kingdom.
                 Thus, a variety of weapons, gold jewelry and gems issued. But Mary was not satisfied. "I think s omething is missing without the presence of the book Sangaji Bo Kai," said the seventh child of nine siblings.
                He then began a search. Not in vain, finally collected two boxes of ancient manuscripts. "Strewn everywhere. There is in many cabinets and lots of places in the palace. Yard was a mess, even the last part is broken," the story of Maryam.
Ancient manuscript known as the Bo Sangaji Kai was also on display. Captured the Prince Bernard and Van Dongen. Them, said Mary, not interested in gold jewelry. Sangali Bo Kai became a favorite.
                In a meeting, Prince Bernard asked, "Do you already have a manuscript copies just in case if it is lost or damaged?" Mary gasped, honest answer, yet.
"I was so ashamed. Why are foreigners who are concerned with the relics of the Milky? Afternoon, I went straight to the market copies of all manuscripts. But not finished because too many to make the copy machine is broken. Finally, the process was followed in Mataram, Lombok," recalls Mary, who has decades of living in Mataram, to have to go back and forth-Mataram Bima.
             Today, copies of ancient manuscripts are scattered in several places. Among others, the National Library and museum in the Netherlands. Mary still had the original manuscript.
Sangaji Bo Kai is an ancient script that was rewritten in the 19th century. Among others, using paper from the Netherlands and China. "Experts know the paper because each page is listed on the brand of paper used," said Maryam.
Regardless, the kingdom in an area rich in this horse did have a strong tradition of recording and copying events. Performed continuously for centuries. Last Malay written in Arabic. The change from Arabic script to Bima after Islam entered Bima. The manuscript was written, using diridhoiAllah `language '.
             That's a bit of back story of the birth of Kai Bo Sangaji existence of archeology and philology expert jolted the world. Among them Henry Chambert Loir, philologists of France. He was very surprised when told there are two chests of ancient manuscripts Sangaji Bo Kai. Direct mounting scientific passion.
Henry went to Maryam. Together they conducted research, and then gave birth to a book called Notes Bo Kai Sangaji Bima kingdom. Ecole Francaise d'Extreme published Orient Foundation in cooperation with the Torch. The book is a major contribution in world history. However, the work is not finished. The road is still long. Until now, many ancient manuscripts Milky untouched. (S-1)
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Friday, November 10, 2006
Son of the Milky
Kingship is inherited from generation to generation. At one time, there are descendants of the Emerald Indra who has 30 children, twenty men and 10 women. His son made king in some areas of Sumbawa. Among other Dompu, Bima and Sumbawa.
From here, according to Mary, there is a missing piece of the story. Not contained in the manuscript Bo Kai Sangaji only a small chance that he had read.
The direct sequel to the changes go into the empire or kingdom when it first entered the Milky Islam about 16 centuries. These notes bear a lot of new stories. Among others, the establishment of Kampung Melayu in the city of Bima (see page 6). An end to the reign of the Sultanate of Bima when Indonesia became independent in 1945.
Sumbawa kings decided to join. Muhammad Sultan Salahuddin, Siti Maryam's father, a sul ¬ tan last Bima. In accordance with Law No. 1 Year 1957 on the abolition of the autonomous regions, Maryam then handed to the government and royal buildings now used as museum.
Most of the relics of the imperial crown, sword, until the furniture was donated. While some were kept in Samparaja, a private museum of Mary sisters. Treated to complement a variety of memories about my father, also a series in the footsteps of previous sultans. (S-1)

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